Why you need a workplace program

  • Increased productivity – Studies have shown that employee’s with substance abuse problems are less productive. This may be demonstrated in more sluggish physical and/or mental activity, increased number of breaks taken and greater number of sick days or tardiness.

  • Decreased employee turnover – Studies have shown that employees with substance abuse problems are less stable and are a greater risk to stay with a company for a shorter period of time. What does it cost your company to recruit and train a new employee including decreased productivity during training periods?

  • Safer work environment – Studies have shown that employees with substance abuse problems have a far greater risk of on the job injuries. This can increase both your company health insurance and Workman’s Compensation Rates. Fewer injuries, on and off the job, can result in reduced health insurance costs and rates for your company and employees.

  • Hiring higher quality, drug free employees – A Drug Free Workplace Program can assist in screening out applicants with substance abuse problems, saving valuable time on the hiring process. Often substance abusers will avoid applying to companies that have a program for fear that they will be tested.

  • Workers Comp Insurance Incentives – many States and workers compensation providers offer a discount on their premiums to companies who maintain a Drug Free Workplace Program, saving hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars annually.


The Oschmann Employee Screening Services team will design and manage a turnkey program that fits the needs of your company to become a Drug Free Workplace. Our Drug Free Workplace Service includes the development of a written company policy which meets all Federal and State regulations and outlines your company testing preferences and consequences. Our team assists you in understanding the pros and cons of each type of collection from urine, hair follicle, saliva, instant and breath alcohol testing. We walk you through the various types of drugs and testing panels you may wish to screen. Finally, we assist you in creating clear step-by-step consequences of a “positive” drug test result and/or policy violation.

Oschmann Employee Screening services is committed to providing a full service approach to all your drug and alcohol testing needs and requirements. Our drug free workplace program includes:

  • Provide drug screens utilizing our national network of collection facilities, SAMHSA certified laboratories and Medical Review Officer services.

  • Certified test results are distributed in a timely manner utilizing our secure reporting system.

  • Provide random employee testing selections using an industry accepted computer generated random selection process. There is no additional charge for this selection service other than the actual cost of the test.

  • Conduct pre-employment drug tests as required by your policy.

  • Conduct post accident testing as required by your specific policy.

  • Access to an on-line Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training and Employee Workplace Substance Abuse Training.