Electronic Driver Qualification File System

  • Tracking of expirations and incidents (both driver and or vehicle)

  • Audit-friendly record-keeping that is easy to maintain to retrieve

  • Easy and robust notification system

  • Secured Web Interface and document storage

The FMCSA requires that you obtain and maintain files on all of your CDL drivers and commercial drivers crossing state lines. There are also many business reasons why you can also do this for other NON DOT employees. The problem is, that for many companies, this is time-consuming and often inefficient.

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Secure Storage

The Online Driver Qualification File System is completely secure and maintains the highest level of data integrity while allowing access from any location that has an internet-enabled computer. Documents are stored virtually and are safeguarded using state-of-the-art data center security in multiple locations around the country.

You can access files from anywhere, at any time, without ever compromising the confidentiality of the information stored. Your files cannot be lost and are always available!

Customized Compliance

The system reflects what is typically required for DOT compliance. However, you have the unrestricted ability to add documents to be stored and tracked to fit your specific company’s safety program, without custom programming or additional expense!

The system also includes additional protection for trucking companies by including documents that are not required by DOT.

Record Integrity

All activities carried out on your driver files are tracked by who actually performed the change, add or delete. Dates and times of activity can also be reported to the designated contact within your organization.

The ability to Auto-FAX to previous employers is automated, tracked, and date and time-stamped.

Previous Employment Check

Much of the critical information you must track must be obtained from the previous employer. How do you make sure this is accomplished? How do you produce forms and letters? How do you track attempts to get this information?

Standardized forms and letters combined with alerts and our online calendar process help you track and document all efforts to gather the required information from previous employers.

Save time and Reduce Errors

Using a simple step-by step entry process reduces training time and potential for error.

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